All Out Ultra Power+ Slider - Single Refill, 45 ml

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When used with All Out Ultra Power+ Slider machine: Kills Dengue mosquitoes Gives 100% More Power* with Control Slider for intensity adjustment Full room coverage. This refill kills mosquitoes to keep you and your family safe. It is effective against mosquitoes that transmit Malaria and Dengue. It has an advanced formula that causes almost no effect on the human body but kills the insects.  This refill covers the entire room Extremely effective for repelling mosquitoes Complete Bed Protection

Product Description

  • SC Johnson All Out Ultra Power+ Slider - Single Refill, 45 ml
  • Kills Dengue & Malaria mosquitoes
  • How to use- Remove the cap and screw the bottle into the heater until secure. Plug the heater into a power outlet to start the device. Adjust the slider for more powerful action. Make sure the device is not covered by any object or placed higher than the bed. For best results, switch on heater 30 minutes before going to bed.
  • 30% faster* action when used with All Out Ultra FAN machine
  • Rotating deck enables use in vertical and horizontal outlets
  • The machine is not a part of the refill pack

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