Medimix - Ayurvedic Classic Soap 75g

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Medimix Ayurvedic Classic Soap 75g

  • 18 Herb Ayurvedic
  • Natural protection
  • Blemishes skin
  • Acne treatment

Product Description


Get SkinFit with Fast Acting Ayurveda

The long-standing myth of using natural and Ayurveda-based products is that they don’t have immediate results. At Medimix, we understand that getting the right skin care is a delicate balance and that healthy, nourished looking skin leads to people feeling fit and confident. Medimix brings you a range of all-natural products that starts acting from the first wash, crafted from only the best herbs and ingredients nature has to offer, to help you get SkinFit with fast-acting Ayurveda. We bring you organic and chemical-free skin care solutions, so your skin is as healthy, fit and confident as you are.

Classic 18 Herbs Soap


Medimix Ayurvedic Classic 18 Herbs Soap - Experience the Goodness of Fast Acting Ayurveda to Get SkinFit

Know Your 18 Herbs:

Enriched with 18 exceptional herbs in an effective skin care formulation, the Medimix 18-Herb soap nourishes and protects your skin from inside. It protects your skin against pimples, rashes and boils (herbs Chitraka, Dharu Haridra, Guggulu, Devadaru, NimbaTwak), drives away body odour (herbs Vacha, Jeeraka, Krishna Jeeraka, Chopchini, Sariba), fights prickly heat (herbs Usheera, Dhanyaka, Sariba) and improves the smoothness of your skin (herbs Jyothishmathi, Vanardraka, Bakuchi, Yashtimadhu).

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