Coca Cola - Sprite Soft Drink 2.25Ltr

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95 / 2.25 Litre
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Coca Cola Sprite Soft Drink 2.25Ltr

  • Grab a Sprite for instant refreshment
  • Sprite’s refreshing crisp lemon flavour can’t be captured on camera.
  • This clear drink has true feelings for your thirst. Believe it!
  • Be it summers or winters, Sprite will always keep you refreshed.
  • Tastes great when chilled, we really mean it.
  • Sprite is a clear lime drink truly meant to quench your thirst & refresh you since 1999.
  • Now, don’t confuse ‘thirst’ with anything else under the sky! It’s not your agony aunt but just a drink that refreshes you.
  • Its crisp lemon-lime taste makes you feel like you’ve just stepped out of a cold shower.

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