DZ Special - Arhar Dal Loose 500g

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55 / 500 Gram
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DZ Special Arhar Dal Loose 500g

  • Toor Dal is the most widely-used form of the lentil. It is used in famous recipes.
  • It contains a thick gelatinous or meaty texture, & takes a little longer to cook than moong or masoor dal.
  • It is fine for health and fulfills the energy. It contains a delectable taste with simple digestion and has long shelf life.
  • Toor Dal contains rich nutritional value.
  • Toor dal is soaked prior to cooking and is extensively used in Indian cuisine for its ability to blend with igredients when tempered properly.
  • They are mainly used as the base for curriessuch as sambar, dal etc.
  • They also make excellent sandwich and salad stuffing. S
  • weet meats and desserts in the South also use toor dal as a base 

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