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DZ Special Posta Dana 250g Creamy white Indian poppy seeds are the kitchen staple you didn’t know you needed. They’ve been used for centuries in Indian cuisine as a thickener of curries and stews, and are the perfect dairy replacement if you’re tired of cashew cream! Soak them, grind them up and go wild, create dreamy coconut stews, curries, meat stews and kormas. Explore Bengali and Bangladeshi cuisine with their posto preparations, roll your homemade laddoos or vegan treats in them, create a mind-boggling variety of sweets and desserts! You can also make your own homemade poppy seed paste with these and use the paste as a filling for croissants and rolls, or thicken puddings and desserts with them! With most commercial pastes containing high levels of additives, you can now control the amount of sugar and emulsifiers that go into your baked goods. These poppy seeds can also be dry roasted till nutty and then used as a substitute for black poppy seeds in bagels and lemon cakes. You can even use them in place of sesame seeds in tahini and candy bars!

Product Description

  • Poppy seeds rich in fatty acids so help in artery disease & stroke.
  • Dietary fibre found in poppy seeds helps bad cholestero.
  • Posta daana are rich source of copper, helps to produce red blood cells.
  • Poppy seeds help to boost your immune system.
  • Poppy seeds helpful for cell renewal.

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