Nourish - Masoor Malka 500g

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Nourish Masoor Malka 500g

  • Unpolished Dal – No polish means being closest to real natural dal without being subjected to undesired polishing process and chemical adulterants into your diet in order to retain most of the original nutritive content and taste. Unpolished dal takes lesser time to cook as compared to polished dal retaining its nutrients and natural taste.
  • Filled with Goodness of Minerals – Masoor Dal is enriched with iron, vitamin B6, and zinc – all of these are responsible for improving the immunity system. These are the essential nutrients that can help in the increase in the number of white blood cells that can defend your body against several forms of diseases and sickness.
  • Packed with Healthy Vitamins: Malka masoor dal is a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc and copper – all these minerals play an important role in maintaining the good health of your eyes.
  • Great Source of Antioxidants: There is an abundance of antioxidants present in black masoor dal that tend to minimize the cell and tissue damage and destroy the free radicals.
  • Hygienically Packed – Being both convenient and user-friendly, the zip lock packaging features high-barrier laminates to deliver optimal protection to the packed products and allows freshness and shelf life to last longer.

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