Koronda 250g

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22 / 250 Gram
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Fresh Fruits Coronda / Karondha is a berry size fruit. The fruit belongs to the family of berries. It has a maroon or dark purple outer peel. Karonda undergoes a taste transformation from sour to sweet upon ripening. This type of berries is native to high-temperature conditions. They find their most suitable use for the preparation of chutneys and various types of pickles. Iron is an important mineral for the human body. It plays various important roles and is an integral part of the haemoglobin-the oxygen-carrying protein. Hence the mineral is very useful for anaemic patients. Moreover, the fruit contains good calcium as well as phosphorous levels. Both of these elements are useful for maintaining bone health in the human body. Also, the raw form of the fruit contains high Vitamin C levels. As we all know, Vitamin C helps the body in building a strong immune system.

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