Finosta Tri-Color Fusilli Pasta 500g

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105 / 500 Gram
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Enjoy a delicious Finosta Tri-Colour Durum Wheat Fusilli Pasta. This pasta is high in protein and fiber as it is made only from durum wheat. Tanginess of tomato and sweetness of spinach only add to the taste of this tri-color pasta. Devoid of artificial colors and flavors, it is also cholesterol as well as trans-fat free, thus allowing you to maintain a balanced diet.

Finosta Tri-Colour Durum Wheat Fusilli Pasta is quick to cook in just 8-11 minutes. With a corkscrew texture, this pasta captures every sauce in its spiral, letting you enjoy a fuller flavor. Be it rich tomato sauce with herbs, or soup or even a salad, fusilli pasta goes well with a range of delicious recipes.

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