Ching's Schezwan Chutney 145g

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45 / 145 Gram
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apital Foods was the first food company to spot this special culinary connection that all Indians shared – and created Ching’s Secret.Ching’s Secret is India’s leading Desi Chinese brand. It has a unique range of food products and ingredients that specially cater to every Indian’s craving for Chinese food with a Desi flavour twist. Today Ching’s has become synonymous with Desi Chinese in India and across the globe. Dip-Spread-Cook with Ching's Schezwan Chutney! The most versatile chutney ever. Use it as a spicy dip with starters. For extra zing spread it across your favourite snacks. From dosas and vada pau to parathas and pizzas. Or with just a few scoops you can cook up a quick Schezwan dish like Fried Rice, Chowmein, Tikkas and even Biriyani.

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