India Gate - Basmati Rice Feast Rozzana 1Kg

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India Gate Basmati Rice Feast Rozzana 1Kg

  • India Gate Feast Rozzana Rice is aged Basmati rice for daily use
  • Has Pearlescent white grains that do not stick to each other or break when cooked
  • Has Slender grains with good elongation
  • India Gate basmati rice feast rozzana is defined by its long grains and amazing aromatic flavour. Having this rice is truly having a feast rozzana. Combine it with your veggies and serve a nice pulao. This is the perfect ingredient for different rice recipes.
  • The long-grained cultured basmati which has been matured for one year comes to your home in the form of India Gate basmati rice feast rozzana.
  • Grown in the most fertile region of the Indo-Gangetic plains beneath the Himalayan sub-range, basmati receives its nutty taste and characteristic aroma because of the fertile alluvial soil and the cold and fresh air of the region. Like wine, it gets better with age, maturing it for one to two years intensifies its taste and aroma.
  • Basmati rice has complex carbohydrates which helps in easy digestion and can be considered as an instant energy source. Rice has little protein, but the protein is rich in eight amino acids.

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India Gate Basmati Rice Pouch

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