Peas Green 500g

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16 / 500 Gram
Short Description

Fresh Vegetbale Green Peas are farmed widely by the growers because of richness in nutritious value. One with good farm management skill can achieve excellent earnings by farming Peas. Protein helps in bulding muscle. Potassium and Zinc helps in improving the digestion.Hara Matar is an important vegetable; that is commonly found in any vegetarian family. Go ahead and buy this product online today!

Product Description

  • Rich source of Protein. Contains Niacin, Vitamin K,Lutein,Phosphours,Potassium, Zinc
  • Peas are an excellent source of Nutrition and are also a good source of Protein.
  • It is used as a vegetable or in soup, canned frozen or dehydrate.
  • There are lots of uses of the green peas in the kitchen like

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