ITC - Bingo! Made Angle Tomato Madness 72.5g

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20 / 72.5 Gram
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 Bingo! Mad Angles are made from corn base, cooked carefully with rice and flour which give it a unique texture. These crunchy triangular chips were then soaked in tomato goodness to give you a contemporary flavour which would make your mouth water. Experience a burst of tanginess in your mouth and be transported to the extremely fun La Tomatina, the tomato fight festival of Spain with every bite of this super crunchy snack. Tear open the pack whenever you are in a mood for something crunchy, tangy and yummy. Whether you are watching your favourite football game or snacking while studying for next day’s test or looking for a mid-day snack. A bag of Bingo! Mad Angles Tomato Madness will always satisfy your snack cravings.

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